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Instructions for posters

The poster session will be virtual on Wednesday 8th of September, using the Wonder software (

During the live poster session, people will be able to find the speakers and start chatting/discussing with them about the poster, while speakers could also share the screen and show the poster.

Speakers need to stay in the circle of the corresponding WG covering the topic of the poster. This software allows conversations among more people simultaneously. Posters will be already available from Monday, 6th of September,  to have a look at them offline.

If you are planning to present a poster fill this information available here, please.

Please prepare the poster in the A0 format (landscape) together with a 3 minutes maximum video in which you explain the main findings of your research. To record it, you can use e.g. zoom in record mode. Feel free to use the poster in the background while registering the video. You can upload posters and videos using the following link. Please use surname_name_shorttitleposter.pdf/mp3. Uploads will be possible until Sunday, 5th of September 2021 (11:59 PM CEST).

Please, remember to pay the remote speaker fee as soon as possible (deadline: 3rd of September).